An Australian leader in safety solutions, located in Sydney

Workplace safety needs more than off-the-shelf solutions

Brolton Group provides a full range of safety solutions; from risk assessment to safety design, integration and installation through to validation.

Brolton's background in engineering means we understand where the critical safety risks lie. We apply this knowledge to building effective safety solutions, using our own and leading manufacturers' systems, from the ground up.

Workplace safety needs more than off-the-shelf solutions

Poor machine guarding is a factor in the 1 in 4 workplace injuries and 8 in 10 workplace fatalities that involve machinery. It is one of the greatest risks to worker safety.

For this reason, Brolton Group has built its reputation on custom designed safety solutions that are in accordance with AS4024 standards.

From our customers point of view, investing in Brolton safety solutions delivers solid returns, by boosting safety without impacting productivity.

Brolton's expertise and experience makes the difference

Brolton Group's expertise is built on our engineering perspective, which includes having worked on some of Australia's most complex industrial facilities over the past decades. As a result, we understand the critical risks in industrial facilities.

Brolton also brings solid experience to every project. Our track record includes completing more than 100 safety projects each year, ranging from $25,000 to $5,000,000, for Australia's leading manufacturers and other industrial facilities.

There's a clear case for choosing Brolton Group for safety solutions. When it comes to price... contact us! You might be surprised how cost-effective, a custom-designed Brolton solution can be for your facility.

"We have a good relationship with Brolton - quite simply they always deliver what they say they will."

Reliability Planner, global FMCG manufacturer
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"We believe that a safe workplace is essential for the well being of our people and our organisation - and so we chose Brolton Group to deliver the well-designed, well-made safety systems we rely on"

Packaging manager, premium-brand beverage co.

Flexible Options in Safety Solutions

Choose supply only or a full turnkey solution with options including:

Independent assessment and validation

  • Risk and safety systems, audit and inspection, verification and validation in accordance with AS4024 safety requirements

Perimeter and zone guarding

  • Posts (50x50 to 100x100 or custom), mesh panels and inserts
  • Gates
  • Materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or polycarbonate

Electrical and Control systems

  • Door switches
  • Safety control systems
  • Optical safety/light curtains
  • Access control stations
  • Integration into new or existing systems