Project Update - Sydney Water North Head Site

Posted on April 03, 2018

Project Update - Sydney Water North Head Site

Brolton is current 50% complete on the upgrade of three sediment tanks located at Sydney Waters’ North Head waste water treatment site. 

The works began in August 2017 which included the overhaul of tank 2 initially, followed by tanks 1 & 3 respectively. These tanks are the final stage before the treated water is released to the ocean outfalls, 4.5km from the main land out at sea.

Upgrade items include:

  • Travelling bridge sludge and scum removal system, with a new rack and rail to suit.
  • New suction pipework.
  • Concrete repairs inside the tank.
  • Joint seal replacement inside the tank.
  • Timber baffle replacement inside the tank.
  • All new electrical cables, control box and limit switch replacement.
  • New energy chain and trough.
  • Suction Pipework Upgrade
  • Installing The Rail
  • Extensive Scaffold For Employee Safety