Project Update: ​Cotton Seed Distributors – Delinting and Treatment Plants

Posted on April 03, 2018

Project Update: ​Cotton Seed Distributors – Delinting and Treatment Plants

Installation on site is progressing well. Inside the Delinting Plant the conditioner, buffer, grading and bagging structures are all now in place. The acidic bin structure, the last for the Delinting Plant, is scheduled for delivery early April and will be erected within a week of it’s arrival. Space inside the Delinting Plant is very tight and installation is further complicated by restricted use of plant equipment on the suspended concrete slab. Jaiden and the site crew have to carefully plan all installation works to ensure access and constructability.

With the design phase finally complete the workshop fabrication team are doing a great job producing the steel structures and plant processing equipment. The quality of work from the Brolton Group fabrication shop is not to be under estimated and is easily compared on this site with structures from other fabricators. The efforts of the fabrication team often goes unnoticed but I would like to pass on a big thanks for their dedication, commitment to quality and long hours worked. 

The completion date deadline is quickly approaching and it will be exciting to see the Treatment Plant structures and fit-out of both plant quickly take effect in the coming months. 

Thanks to all involved on the project, keep up the great work.

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