Sydney Water: reservoir refurbishment with a view

Posted on May 10, 2017

​As part of a series of water reservoir restoration projects, Brolton Group is working with Sydney Water and RMP to ensure the continued provision of high quality drinking water.

Sydney Water: reservoir refurbishment with a view

The 39m diameter roof and reservoir structure at Newport Reservoir was worn and damaged and in need of repair. The restoration required removal of roof sheeting, hatches and vents, full removal of existing steel roof support structure, demolition of existing steel walkways and internal and external ladders.

An adjacent, smaller reservoir also needed repair, with the bridge between the two reservoirs needing replacement, and the internal and external ladders beyond repair.

Complicating the project, the reservoir is located in a residential area. With a significant amount of waste removal required, Brolton Group scheduled works and truck movements to ensure minimum disruption and noise for neighbours.

The new structure was fabricated and installed, including new roof sheeting, ventilators, aluminium walkways, perimeter handrails and dosing ports. A new bridge was constructed between the larger and smaller reservoirs, and a new 10m stair tower was installed on both.

RMP blasted and cleaned the interior of the reservoir, which was then prepared and coated to protect the reservoir from erosion and maintain the high quality of the drinking water.

A security system, cathodic protection system and telemetry system was installed on the two reservoirs, with all cables rerouted to the reservoir roof up the stair tower.

The project allowed an opportunity to implement improved designs based on experience in previous reservoir restorations. The existing rafter structure layout was simplified, minimising the number of rafters required. The purlin lattice under platform areas was also simplified, and hatch functionality was improved.

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