Dust Busting

Posted on October 20, 2017

Dust free solutions for the concrete industry

The damaging effects of atmospheric dust particles on the health of workers in the cement industry is well known and documented.

Often not as well-known is the technology available to dramatically reduce the dust in concrete plants, and improve the health and safety of workers.
Dust leaking into the atmosphere can come from a variety of sources, however it is often slide gates and loading spouts that are the culprits. The majority of slide gates produced are fitted with seals made from EDPM, PTFE, Viton or elastomer. This type of seal design is great for fluids, but often fails to stand up to blast or frictional abrasion caused by dry articulate.
The dust-tight seal on Vortex slide gates is designed for handling dry and abrasive materials, providing proper sealing and preventing dust escaping into the atmosphere. 

Dust free loading spouts capture and return dust to material flow. 

Dust-free loading spouts contain the flow of material into a confined area. The dust-capture system features a blower and integral filter fitted to the loading spout to send the fugitive dust to draft back through the sleeve of the loading spout, which is reintroduced back into the product feed. It continuously purges the filters to keep the equipment working optimally and free of dust build-up. This not only removes atmospheric dust, but also significantly prolongs the life of the filter cartridges.
For more information on reducing atmospheric dust in your plant, contact John Bellamy at j.bellamy@brolton.com.au