Brolton Support Critical Water & Waste Water Infrastructure

​Brolton Group's extensive mechanical maintenance experience provides a support backbone for all assets throughout Australia's water network.​

Australia's water and waste water assets require continuous maintenance and upgrades to ensure the nation's water security. Upgrades and repairs to equipment, machinery, networks and plants are imperative to ensure assets are operational and providing efficiency across plants and the broader networks.

Brolton Group continually assist Sydney Water, Water NSW and various delivery partners throughout this process with asset maintenance of treatment plants, raw water storage plants, networks and pump stations.

Broltons' focus is to provide continuous support and service to all water related infrastructure, this work throughout Sydney and other regions, include:

  • Construction and installation of new Process Streams
  • Installation of Pumps, Pipework, Valves and Penstocks, Centrifuges, Conveyors and all associated equipment
  • Overhaul and upgrade of existing treatment processes including Screens, Primary Sedimentation Tanks, Aeration Systems, Clarifiers and Digesters
  • Water reservoir and pipeline maintenance and refurbishment
  • Pipework fabrication and installation including Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, PVC, ABS and Poly
  • Structural fabrication and installation from major bridge works to small platforms and handrails
  • Maintaining Sydney Water’s reservoirs & towers providing continued quality to the city’s water supplier
  • Primary Sedimentation Tank overhauls
  • Clarifier refurbishment
  • Breakdown works, mechanical repairs and overhauls
  • In-house abrasive and water blasting and industrial painting services
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  • Rouse Hill 2
  • Sludge Plant