Brolton Support Critical Water & Waste Water infrastructure

​Brolton Group's extensive mechanical maintenance experience provides a support backbone for all assets throughout the Sydney Water network.​

Sydney Water require continuous maintenance of an aged network with a large amount assets.

Upgrades and repairs to equipment, machinery, networks and plants are imperative to ensure assets are operational and providing efficiency across plants and the broader networks.

Brolton Group continually assist Sydney Water throughout this process with asset maintenance of treatment plants, raw water storage plants, networks and pump stations.

Broltons' focus is to provide continuous support and service to all water related infrastructure, this work throughout Sydney and other regions, include:

  • Clarifier repairs & overhauls
  • Primary Sediment Tank repairs and overhauls
  • Screen repairs
  • Pipe work repairs
  • Mains and local valve replacement and overhauls (above & underground)
  • Penstock, pump rails and waste pit repairs
  • Plant safety upgrades, handrails, pit covers, walkways / stairs, grates etc
  • Sydney Water Pst
  • Sydney Water Pst 1
  • Sydney Water 5
  • Sydney Water 3
  • Rouse Hill 2
  • Rouse Hill 1
  • Sludge Plant