Process solutions for the chemical & plastics industry

Are you looking for high quality, leading technology solutions for your plastic processing plant

More often than not, inferior equipment and poorly designed process systems create more issues to production plant efficiencies and the bottom line more than any other operational component.

Inefficient plants and equipment have proven to waste millions of dollars per annum, not to mention the frustrations and performance losses experienced by operator and maintenance staff.

Vortex provide a variety of plastics processing components that offer robust and simple designs to eliminate dusts and provide reliable controls for your process.

Coperion offer a wide range of components, machinery & process knowledge to provide highly efficient plant design from the raw materials to product extrusion and packaging.

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High quality and affordable plastics processing equipment and solutions form Vortex and Coperion can help have your plant running to its optimum

In complex processes such as the compounding of high viscous masses, the quality of the end product is the key factor. From metering, through raw materials feeding, conveying, melting, dispersing, homogenizing, devolatilizing, pressure build-up, filtering and pelletizing, every process step has to be precisely adapted to suit the application.

The process and system competence of our specialists guarantees you high-quality results. Each one of our extruders and systems convinces customers with the optimum co-ordination of the individual process steps and gentle handling of the product – all at maximum productivity and efficiency.