Fluid Bed Dryers, Dehumidifiers, Pasteurizers and Sterilizers

Brolton Drying Solutions

Brolton provides a vast offering of fluid bed dryers, dehumidifiers, pasteurisers and sterilisers to all industries from food & meat, pharmaceutical, chemical, biomass and minerals 

Fluid bed dryers

Brolton drying solutions are known for high quality and efficient drying and cooling. The simple, robust design of our fluid bed dryers assures low maintenance and a long equipment life.

The transport design is simple, dependable, and reliable. With our exclusive 'shaking' motion, you are assured of 'first in, first out' with your product. We can achieve fluidisation, and also sub-fluidisation of your product, allowing the desired plug flow characteristics.

Brolton can custom design the equipment to meet your strictest requirements, and build it using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Belt dryers

Brolton can supply belt dryers which produce high quality products in controlled temperature & humidity environments while minimising utility usage and maximising production rates.

The hygienic stainless steel belt dryers are designed for durability, sanitation and reliability, and control temperature and humidity as required, delivering desired levels even with varying air inlet conditions.

Belt Dryers benefit from:

  • Continuous drying system
  • Uniform and gentle drying 
  • Suitable for granular, fibrous, preformed, extruded wet materials
  • High energy efficient
  • Optimum time/drying curves for each product
  • Continuous automized operation, independent of the climate
  • Low operation and maintenance costs

Flash dryers

Flash Dryers are designed and manufactured to the superior quality our clients expect, and utilised for processes as diverse as drying of chemicals, food, dairy, pharmaceuticals and aggregates, as well as used for pneumatic transport.

Flash Dryers:

  • Utilise the gas stream for transferring product
  • Feature short residence times
  • Provide proven energy savings
  • Heat gas stream by using natural gas, propane, steam, oil, waste heat, or even turbine exhaust

Air dehumidifiers

The dehumidification systems are specially designed to minimize total energy consumption. The system maintains the air at a constant, precise humidity regardless of weather conditions or load variations.

Using the air dehumidification results in a substantial saving in the running costs of the plant and investment in cooling equipment

Air Dehumidifiers provide:

  • Precise humidity and temperature control
  • Most energy friendly system in the world
  • Microbiological decontamination; kills up to 97% of all air born bacteria
  • High efficiency
  • Performance reliability, very long life span
  • Low running costs
  • Minimal maintenance

Air pollution control systems

Brolton air pollution control systems use filtration equipment which are constructed to comply with international standards.

We provide wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers, jet-bag filters and cyclones for air pollution control.

Continuous Steam Sterilisation

The Brolton Continuous Steam Sterilization system decontaminates herbs and spices to make them safe for human consumption, without adverse effect on the organoleptic characteristics and appearance (flavour/taste and colour).

The process is simple: expose the contaminated material to saturated steam for a very short time, then dry and cool the product. While the idea is simple, the practicality of making a continuous system that can treat powders next to whole spices is unique and makes the system applicable for a large range of products.

The sterilisation system benefits from:

  • Micro-organisms that are hazardous for heath or causing food spoilage will be eliminated without adverse effect on the quality of the final product
  • Continuous and closed system utilising self-cleaning rotary valves for product feed and discharge.
  • The system is controlled by a central control panel validated for data logging.

Continuous Pasturisation Equipment

Brolton Steam Pasteurisation systems are effective on reducing or eliminating pathogens, bacteria, and other food-borne illness and problems, including Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, and many others.

The Continuous Steam Pasteurisation System has proven its worth to the industry and is successfully being used to process Whole and Ground Pepper, Chili Powders, Paprika, Cloves, Garlic, Herbs, Nuts and many other seeds and spices.

Key benefits of the pasteurizer:

  • Thermal system utilising steam
  • Continuous operation
  • H.T.S.T. (High Temperature – Short Time)
  • Pasteurise + moisturise - dry – cool
  • Automated controls with data logging/acquisition
  • No residual chemicals
  • No special labels on product
  • Low energy use
  • No operators needed
  • High turn-down ratio
  • Will not degrade the product