Sturtevant provides a range of size reduction and air classification equipment.


Sturtevant manufactures a range of size reduction and air classification equipment including the Micronizer®, Powderizer®, Simpactor®, Infestroyer, and three types of high performance air classifiers.

Sturtevant has succeeded in adapting its size reduction and air classification equipment to a growing number of markets throughout the world with the help of our customers. Our commitment to engineering, quality and service after the sale makes us the choice to meet your application needs.

Listed below is an abbreviated list of applications where you can find our products.

  • Aggregates & flyash
  • Pharma & cosmetics
  • Food processing
  • Chemicals & pigments
  • Air pollution control & animal by-products

Micronizer® Jet Mill

The Micronizer® jet mill is a fluid energy mill employing compressed air, steam or gas to produce particles less than one micron. High-speed rotation subjects the material to particle-on-particle impact, creating increasingly smaller fines. The Micronizer® advantage is in its very low particle size and narrow PSD (particle size distribution) making it the most popular lab jet mill available today. The Micronizer® is used in a wide variety of applications where small particle size, increased surface area and narrow PSD are critical. Typical applications include TiO2, cosmetics, pigments, pharmaceutical powders, carbon black, agricultural powders, lactose, precious metals, resins, heat sensitive materials, and toner.

Infestroyer® Infestation Mill

The Infestroyer® is an impact mill specifically designed for the food industry. Nuisance insects entering food products must be eliminated with a 100% kill rate while preserving the particle size of the powder. The Infestroyer® delivers on this commitment by offering a rugged, impact mill design that effectively eliminates adults, larva and eggs from products such as flour and grain. The Infestroyer® combines easy cleaning with reduced maintenance since there are no screens to clog and impact areas offer quick access. The Infestroyer® and all Sturtevant food processing products are available in FDA / USDA type design, including 316 stainless construction, without certification which saves money while offering a feature rich design.

Powderizer® ACM Mill

The Powderizer® is a classifying impact mill capable of reducing powders down to 5 microns. It is the workhorse in particle size reduction applications due to its combination of impact milling and air classification in a single unit. The flexibility of operation allows for easy processing of a wide range of products requiring efficient and economical particle size reduction. Typical Powderizer® applications include food products such as cocoa, defatted soy meal, corn starch, lactose, rice, sugar and sweeteners. The Powderizer® also handles a variety of industrial applications such as agricultural chemicals, boric acid, limestone, pre-calcined ceramics, soda ash, lithium, pharmaceutical powders, trona, sodium bicarbonate, talc, clay and kaolin.

Whirlwind® Air Classifier

The Whirlwind® Air Classifier incorporates a self-contained fan and rejector blade classification system. Its internal fan design does not require cyclones, air locks or dedicated baghouse for product collection of particles in the range of 100 to 400 mesh. Offering a significantly smaller footprint than screening separation and much lower capital cost, the Whirlwind® is designed to process abrasive materials with long-lasting ceramic liners or standard materials with economical steel liners. Typical Whirlwind® applications include aggregates, poultry rendering, crushed stone, ceramics, diatomaceous earth, flyash, food products, gypsum, metals, silica sand, soda ash and more.

Side Draft Air Classifier

The Side Draft High Efficiency Air Classifier is a versatile, energy-efficient system for consistent separation of particles in the 100 to 400 mesh range offering a compact, retrofitable design and durable, wear-resistant materials. The Side Draft delivers consistent, high-quality product regardless of variations in feed material through user-friendly air flow and speed changes. The Side Draft is capable of processing both abrasive and non-abrasive materials with optional ceramic wear liners and typical applications include aggregates, crushed stone, cement, ceramics, chemicals, coal diatomaceous earth, flyash, food products, gypsum, hydrated lime, minerals, plastics, shredded fibers, silica sand and soda ash.

SuperFine Air Classifier

The SuperFine Air Classifier is designed to be used in combination with auxiliary equipment such as dust collection and fan systems. The SuperFine advantage is the high degree of accuracy in the separation of particles from 3 to 45 microns with very tight particle size distribution and throughputs up to 30,000 lbs per hour. Its compact design makes it ideal for retrofitting to existing applications and is capable of both abrasive and non-abrasive materials. Typical SuperFine applications include ceramics, chemicals, diatomaceous earth, food products, minerals, plastics, coal, metal oxides, iron ore, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash, shredded fibers, tobacco and more.