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Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication

Advances in technology have the potential to transform Australia’s manufacturing and broader industry in coming years.

To make the most of emerging opportunities, Brolton Group provides its customers the best of both worlds. That is, our team includes qualified mechanical engineers - with their keen understanding of new technologies and their significance - as well as experienced fitters, boilermakers and other tradespeople who understand the real-world potential of the systems our customers already have.

Our Mechanical Engineering services include:

  • Design & Construct Turnkey Solutions
  • Fully Qualified Mechanical Engineers
  • Emphasis on New Technologies
  • Experienced Fitters & Boilermakers
  • Optimisation of Existing Processes & Equipment
  • Flexibility in Design and Deployment
  • Customisation of solutions for niche requirements
  • Predictive Maintenance & Reliability Technologies
  • Managed Skilled Labour Hire & Staffing Services
  • Manufacturing technologies including next-generation precision machinery
  • Automation, mechatronics, and electronic control of machinery
  • Predictive maintenance and reliability technologies
  • Modelling of machinery and systems
  • Mechanical design engineering


Brolton Group’s fabrication shop is well regarded throughout the industry. We have the capacity to take a range of heavy components – from simple to complex or challenging - from design through to site installation and commissioning.

Our fabricaton team’s CV includes some truly impressive projects, including:

  • Building structures, trusses and beams
  • Special purpose machinery
  • Specialist linings