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Design & Construct

Brolton Group offers our clients a measurable advantage: we provide a one-stop shop with a practical, real-world approach to engineering.

Brolton Group harnesses the entire expertise of our team – ranging from highly experienced engineers to specialist tradespeople – in major projects. It means that we can walk through every step of the construction process at the outset, to identify potentially hidden costs or opportunities to optimise your investment in plant and equipment.

By using Brolton Group’s services, our customers have saved many thousands of dollars – and have gained new processes that others said couldn’t be done.

As one of our clients recently commented, “Throughout the design and construction phases we had any number of well-qualified people telling us that a particular process couldn’t be done. But [Brolton Group] would always come back with how it could be done, and how it was going to make the plant more cost-effective.”

We have the skills and resources to offer you a full turnkey design and construction service, including:


  • Design consultation
  • Engineering consultation
  • Indicative pricing, RFT preparation
  • Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOPs)
  • Control, Hazard and Operability Studies (CHAZOPs)


  • Part or full plant layout
  • Systems development
  • Plant automation
  • Equipment selection


  • Scheduling and programming
  • Project management
  • Construction supervision
  • Contract administration including financial reporting
  • Progress reporting
  • Quality control


  • Installation and integration
  • Testing of systems and equipment

Machinery Safety

  • Risk assessment
  • Mechanical guarding
  • Electronic guarding
  • Audits

Mechanical Plant and Machinery Safety

  • Plant design and layout
  • Specification and selection of equipment
  • Installation and integration
  • Electronic proximity and mechanical guarding

Process / Manufacturing Plant Services

  • Plant design and layout
  • Specification and selection of equipment
  • Installation and integration
  • Plant commissioning