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Reduce costs and maintenaince requirements with automated processing solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Significant savings in labour can make a significant difference to your bottom line.
Add to that increased productivity, consistent quality, reduced waste, reduced maintenance downtime and rapid ROI, and you have an automated solution providing measurable benefits.

Brolton Group specialises in automated processing solutions for the Food & Beverage industry, with emphasis on utilising the most effective and efficient methods of processing, resulting in innovative solutions that gently handle your products.

Our food industry specialist has intimate knowledge of the processing and handling requirements unique to the food industry. Partnered with leading names such as Coperion Ktron and Vortex, Brolton Group can integrate a single process or provide complete system automation and integration using high quality, accurate and reliable system components.

Our solutions focus on ease of use; high-resolution digital weighing affording stable, highly accurate, vibration immune weight sensing. Feeder lines and pneumatic conveying lines that are designed to provide accessibility and ease of maintenance. Valves and diverters that are serviceable while in line, which eliminates the need to remove the valve from service to perform many maintenance tasks. Customisable solutions that are designed for your unique requirements.

Streamlining your processes through automated solutions can make a huge difference in productivity across a range of applications such as:  
• Continuous extrusion for snack foods, pet foods and pasta processing
• Continuous and batch blending of multiple ingredients
• Pneumatic conveying processes
• Bulk unloading and storage
• Coating drum, seasoning and spicing processes
• Major, minor and micro ingredient transfer, batch and continuous weighing

The increasing competitiveness of the food industry necessitates streamlined processing and reduced operating costs. Partnering with Brolton Group can be the solution your facility needs.