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Keep your plant performing with 24-7 service and support

We know the importance of efficient and reliable processes, which is why Brolton Group offer maintenance programs to ensure optimum system performance, and provide 24/7 breakdown service and support to keep your facility running.

Brolton Group’s support services cover a wide range of applications including:
- Mechanical and electrical servicing and breakdown support
- Automation and robotic servicing and breakdown support
- Production critical plants, including materials handling systems, quarrying plants, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries
- Technical support services for all of our agency lines
- Phone support packages

Brolton Group’s preventative and predictive maintenance packages can be based on your needs and budget, with our expert service staff ensuring optimum plant operation.

Preventative maintenance
Regular servicing of your machinery is the most reliable way to ensure optimal system operation. Preventive maintenance programs improve machine performance, life expectancy and safety, and greatly reduces the chance of a breakdown or failure.

Predictive maintenance
Brolton Group’s expert staff can assist in proactively detecting any machine patterns that indicate a fault and implement corrective measures in the most effective and efficient manner, avoiding costly unplanned downtime.

24/7 Breakdown service and support
In the event of machinery failure, Brolton Group understand that it is vitally important to get your systems up and running as quickly as possible, to mitigate the expense and loss of productive time associated with a breakdown. This is why we offer service and support 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.