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Brolton Group win Hanson Bass Point Quarry expansion project

Local company Brolton Group have beaten international competition to be awarded a multi-million contract for the expansion and upgrade of Hanson’s Bass Point quarry.

Hanson is one of the largest suppliers to the Australian construction industry, with the existing Bass Point facility operating 24/7 to supply 1.5million tonnes of aggregate annually to the Sydney and Illawarra area.

The expansion will allow Hanson to increase production to 4million tonnes per year.

Ben Lynch, Managing Director of Brolton Group, explains “The new facility will provide a considerable increase in terms of process efficiency and throughput. The current crushing plant has been operating for 40 years, and there have been many advances in processing technologies within that time”

“The plant has been redesigned for optimum efficiency, with streamlined processes, reduced wastage, better resource utilisation and importantly, significantly increased production capabilities”

With 70 people currently employed at the existing facility, and approval from the NSW Department of Planning to continue operations until 2044, the increase in production will see a number of jobs generated at the site, and 150 new jobs created throughout the project.

Mr Lynch believes that this is a major win for Australian industry.

“A project of this magnitude provides a huge opportunity for Australians in terms of employment opportunities. Selecting a local business will not only aid in boosting the local economy throughout the duration of the project, it will see more permanent opportunities arise”

The expansion of the facility includes relocating and upgrading the existing plant to have less visual impact on the area, which is achieved by locating the plant within the quarry pit; providing a unique challenge in working with the topography of the site. Hanson are expanding their quarry extraction area from sea level, to as far as 40m below sea level.