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Australian Agents

Brolton Group Australian agent for Vortex Valves

One of Australia’s largest industrial engineering firms, Brolton Group is now an agent for Vortex, providing world-leading valves across a range of industries.  

Vortex has engineered slide gates, diverter valves, iris valves and loadout equipment for a global network of manufacturers, OEM’s and Fortune 500 companies for more than 35 years, and earned their reputation as the leader in valves for handling dry bulk solids.

Vortex valves are adaptable to the application parameters, ensuring that the installed solution is engineered to the customer’s needs, and will out-perform and out-last any other product.

Brolton Group’s focus on providing seamless engineering solutions is supported by Vortex’s dedication to creating the right design for each application, and we are looking forward to working together in providing Australian customers with high-performing valves and streamlined processing solutions.



Vortex Solutions

Slide Gates and Diverters

Most often, Vortex loading spout systems will be used in conjunction with slide gates and diverter valves that control the material flow during the loadout process. Used at the bottom of a silo or hopper to shut off material flow, slide gates are placed right above dust collecting filter systems, loading spouts and positioners.
Titan Series slide gates & diverters are engineered for gravity flow material handling throughout a wide range of heavy-duty applications including frac sand, potash, coal, grain, limestone and much more.
Quantum Series slide gates & diverters are designed to shut off, meter, and divert dry/bulk materials in a wide variety of medium-duty material handling applications.


Loading Spouts

Vortex Loading Spouts enable the fast and dust-free loading of many types of dry bulk solids such as powders, pellets, and granules. Standard volume loading spouts consist of internal material stacking cones that contain and direct the material flow using gravity and negative pressure.

A flexible outer sleeve encompasses the stacking cones to capture any fugitive dust. High volume loading spouts feature a telescopic tube-in-tube design. In open loading applications, the discharge scavenger is also equipped with a neoprene rubber skirt system to further control dust emissions.


Spout Filtration Systems

Vortex Spout Filtration Systems are engineered to capture the fugitive dust emitted from the spouts and deposit it back into the material flow during the loading process, eliminating material loss. These filter systems are more cost-effective than a free-standing dust collection system, which often requires the installation of additional ductwork, discharge air lock and some way to reintroduce the material back into the system.


Loading Positioners

Vortex Loading Positioners are used in conjunction with standard volume loading spouts to facilitate and speed up the loading of open or enclosed trucks and railcars at loadout stations. They allow for the fast and accurate single-axis or double-axis placement of the loading spout, which eliminates the need to reposition vehicles once they have entered the loading station. Loading spout positioners are made out of steel and can be designed and manufactured to meet your individual project specifications to handle almost any flow rate and travel distance.


Aeration Systems

Vortex Aeration Systems are designed to convey dusty, powdery or flaky materials by using gravity on a downward slope. They can be installed on the inside bottom of a storage container or mounted to follow a specific path inside the plant. The Vortex line of aeration systems include aerated conveyor systems, aerated bin bottoms, and aerated trough systems. All aeration systems are custom designed and manufactured to your individual project specification, so they can handle any material and desired flow rate.