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Vision Lock Detection System

The brief:

Our customer - one of the world's largest packaging solutions suppliers with an annual turnover in excess of $6BN – required a vision lock detection system that combined reliability, efficiency, versatility and cost effectiveness.

The Solution

After careful study and consideration, Brolton concluded that – to achieve required performance levels without impacting on machine changeover times – an automated solution would best fit the client’s need.

Our solution – which interfaced seamlessly into the customer’s operating environment - incorporated the current HMI, Visual Basic software and the I/O of the detection system. Alarm signals are sent to the Operator panel to alert operators of an unlocked pack whilst the machine is stopped allowing the operator to remove the offending pack. The option of marking the pack with a inkjet coder is also possible.

Vision PLC components

The central Processing acts as an interface between the existing machine structure and the vision detection system. It will also provide a means to modify conditions and access settings of the vision detection system

The chosen unit comprises of max 160 I/O 1x serial and 1x parallel port.

Some of the components required for this system are:

  • A CJ1 series power supply 100-240VAC
  • 16 I/O 24VDC input card
  • 16 point NPN(sink) transistor
  • Interface cable from PLC to touchscreen
  • Power Supply 24VDC 10A

Vision Camera

The vision component of the system includes a camera unit and lens, bar lights, programming device, monitoring cables, Triggering PE sensor, 12V DC switch Mode power supply. The system functions by interpreting the quantity of pixels located in a given area. The vision system is housed in an enclosed box which does not permit ambient lighting to affect the performance of the system. A protective lens is installed over the camera in order to achieve a higher IP rating. Dust which can gather over the lens will be expelled by a stream of air which skims the surface of the lens at an appropriate interval.

Touch Screen

The screen – a NSB with 8-inch colour display - serves two purposes: monitoring of the system, and for use in setup and modifications.

Laser coding

The option of using a laser coder to mark packs that are determined to be unlocked is provided.

Design and Testing

The system was been designed and tested in an environment that replicates the customer’s packaging environment: testing showed the camera speed easily satisfies the machine’s 200ppm production requirements.

The outcome:

The system - delivered on-time and on-budget – was embraced by the company as helping to strengthen their competitive advantages in the Food and Beverage industry. In fact, the company was so pleased with the solution that a further 3 systems were rapidly ordered.

For further information please contact Darren Kramer on 02 9838 1311 or sales@brolton.com.au