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F Ball Limited

Energy saving mixing in a green factory

The project

F Ball, a leading manufacturer of cementitious flooring commissioned Brolton to install a JR Boone Delta Blade Mixer, as part of a new, greener factory development that combines high efficiency with extremely low energy usage.

The Solution

John R Boone have supplied an energy efficient Horizontal Delta Blade mixer to cementitious product manufacturer F Ball Ltd for high speed mixing with low power consumption, achieving a high throughput with a very short mixing cycle.  The highly efficient process comprises weight hoppers that feed the JR Boone mixer, discharging via a ‘bomb’ door to an under hopper that feeds a packaging and palletisation line beneath; a process that requires good control and a short mixing cycle to achieve the total batch time of under two minutes for a 2 tonne mix.

F Ball, the UK’s leading producer of flooring adhesives, levelling products and grouts, has a proud history that goes back 125 years to its origins as an ink manufacturer. The company bought its first John R Boone mixer in the early 1990’s – beginning a relationship has continued and led directly to their latest purchase of a Boone Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer for high speed production in their new powder mixing plant.

The new plant is designed to produce up to 30 tonnes of blended material per hour: and with up to six batches within the process, the solution needed to be efficient, with a quick mixing speed.

To reduce the plant’s environmental impact, a vital objective was to minimise the energy consumed in the production process. For this reason, the solution incorporated features such as gravity fed (rather than mechanically conveyed) processes and optimising the energy-efficiency of each element of the production process (including the mixer’s operations).

F Ball wanted to confirm that the Delta Blade - noted due to its highly efficient mixing action – would fit the bill, and so John R Boone provided a test mixer on site to test the system’s capacity to achieve required batch times.

Steve Tubby, F Ball’s Operations Director, commented; ‘The Delta Blade mixer was exactly what we were looking for, a fast, energy-efficient solution that gave a consistently high quality mix in the shortest time possible.  Boone’s engineers were extremely responsive throughout the project and clearly understood what we were trying to achieve.’

Thorough mixing with a minimal mix cycle is key in a factory where six batches may be in process at any one time.

For further information please contact Darren Kramer on 02 9838 1311 or sales@brolton.com.au