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Coperion K-Tron


Coperion K-Tron is a global leader in providing process automation, equipment, systems and solutions for bulk material handling

Bulk solids processors are presented with a set of unique material handling issues that can vary with the material. Each step, from transporting bulk solids materials into and through the plant, to controlling material flow through the process, and then transporting the end product to its next destination offers its own special challenges.

Whilst all process industries share the same basic technologies and unit operations, their applications vary widely. Industries such as food and beverages or pharmaceuticals have a different set of constraints and demands than chemicals, plastics or non-wovens.

That's why Coperion K-Tron designs and produces such a wide range of material handling equipment. It is why you'll find Coperion K-Tron engineers who have deep and practical knowledge of how to apply feeders and pneumatic conveying systems for specific application requirements in each of the process industries, whether it's food or pharmaceuticals, plastics or chemicals.

The Coperion K-Tron process equipment range includes complete solutions for:

- Railcar loading and unloading

- Pneumatic conveying

Feeding and controls

  • Continuous feeders
  • Single and twin screw feeders
  • Specialty feeders
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Weigh belt feeders
  • Micro-ingredient / compact Feeders
  • Liquid loss-in-weight feeders
  • Bulk solids pump (BSP) feeders
  • Gain-in-weight batching systems
  • Smart flow meters
  • Volumetric feeders
  • Gavimetric feeders
  • Quick change feeders
  • Blenders
  • Hazardous area feeders
  • Hopper agitation
System with cart

Materials Challenges and Feeder Solutions

Process equipment manufacturers have developed a vast body of expertise and a wide range of feeding technology options to address the multitude of challenges that can arise for process operations involving bulk solids. Your feeder selection, and the success of your application, will be greatly influenced by the specific characteristics of the materials you must feed, the recipe precision needed for your process and the throughput required.

Every chemical process, from food and beverages, to pharmaceuticals, plastics, detergents, and more, has its unique materials and process constraints. So while all processes employ the same engineering-unit operations to convert raw materials into finished products, your industry may require feeding and material handling equipment or complete system designs that are customized to specific application needs.

Twin screw feeder

Chemicals and Minerals Processing

Coperion K-Tron manufactures a wide variety of solids and liquid feeding and pneumatic conveying equipment and systems for the chemical and minerals processing industries.

Chemical and mineral processors employ feeders and pneumatic conveying to handle bulk materials such as calcium carbonate, copper-hydroxide, talc, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, soda ash, limestone, sodium-benzoate, burnt wood chips, clay/carbon blend, gypsum, vanadium-pentoxide, dolocron, dicalcium-phosphate, silica, TiO2, lead oxide, ammonia-sulfate and boric acid and more

Twin screw micro-ingredient feeder


The automation of plastics processes such as plastics extrusion, compounding and resin manufacturing can be accomplished with pneumatic conveying, feeders and related bulk material handling equipment.

Coperion K-Tron builds material handling systems for transporting powder and granular bulk materials from rail car unloading to storing and dust collection systems, conveying to feeding, blending, scaling, and sifting operations and integration with drying systems.

Coperion K-Tron's offers plastics processors solutions encompassing gravimetric and volumetric feeders and pneumatic conveying components, from resin manufacturing, to precision compounding, high speed compounding, and end product extrusion.

Bulk solids pump 1
Bulk solids pump 2

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical processing

Coperion K-Tron manufactures a wide variety of solids and liquid feeders and pneumatic conveying equipment specific to the pharmaceutical industry. Coperion K-Tron has developed several process automation applications and systems including pharmaceutical extrusion, tablet press lubrication, milling and micronization of pharmaceutical powders and pharmaceutical dispensing applications.

Pharmaceutical designs are all engineered to meet the rigid requirements of the industry, including cGMP standards as well as the use of FDA approved/certified materials of construction. All units are designed specifically with cleaning requirements, ease of disassembly and maintenance, and required containment levels in mind.

Micro-ingredient feeder

Food and pet food processing

Coperion K-Tron is a global leader in bulk material handling equipment and systems for the food industry, with a strong focus on sanitary design, cleanability and gentle handling of fragile materials.

Gravimetric and volumetric feeders, pneumatic conveying equipment and related controls are at the heart of bulk material handling systems for the food and pet food processing industries. Coperion K-Tron has years of experience in developing equipment and designing complete systems for food process applications, including feeding and material handling systems for a wide variety of food processes such as tortillas, bread and cake mixes, pasta, snack food, cereal, candy, cookies and crackers, ice cream, pet food and more

Weigh vessel and vacuum receiver

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) is a key component in the manufacture diapers and personal hygiene products.

The manufacture of these products is a continuous process that requires very accurate and uniform distribution of SAP onto a fast-moving band of cellulose or bicomponent fiber. Feeder accuracy truly determines the quality of the end product. Coperion K-Tron 's exclusive Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) has proven to be the ideal feeder for SAP thanks to its uniform, pulse-free material flow

As Australian Agents for Coperion K-Tron,  Brolton Group’s experienced technical engineers work closely with engineers at Coperion K-Tron to recommend specific design options based on your process requirements.

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