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Claudius Peters

Global leaders in materials handling and processing, Claudius Peters are working closely with Brolton Group offering high efficiency milling and processing equipment tailored for the gypsum and plasterboard industry

With a wealth of experience and expertise that span a range of industries, Claudius Peters technologies are trusted by more organisations and industries worldwide than any other name in engineering, delivering performance solutions every time.

Brolton Group work with Claudius Peters in providing complete turn-key solutions for:

  • Calcining
  • Cooling
  • Dispatch
  • Dosing
  • Dry Blending
  • Drying
  • Grinding
  • Packing
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Pulverized Fuel Supply
  • Silo Systems
  • Stockyard Systems
  • Alumina Handling Systems
  • Marine Powder Handling

EM Mill

The Claudius Peters mill design permits the high temperatures necessary for Gypsum calcination, allowing for Stucco production without the need for multiple pieces of technology.

Free movement of the mill grinding balls ensure they remain absolutely round throughout their life service, as opposed to stationary arranged milling rollers.

Unlike many other mills the EM-Mill grinding elements are virtually maintenance and adjustment free. A service life of more than 40,000 hours can be achieved on certain applications, meaning costs due to downtime are eliminated. Throughput ranges from 0-2 tph for the smallest model and up to 80 tph for the EM 80-5115.


Horizontal Impact Calciner (HIC)

The Horizontal Impact Calciner has been specially developed for the calcining of synthetic Gypsum, where fine raw materials with a high degree of free moisture eliminates the need for grinding.

The HIC is capable of processing up to 100 tonnes of product per hour. Direct, full calcining, the HIC offers the added benefits of high stucco quality in a single stage.

  • Processing up to 100 tph in single calciner unit
  • Direct full calcining in proven mill circuit without a pre-heating process
  • High reliability
  • Downstream stucco treatment in CP Homogenizer
  • Stable and consistent stucco quality suitable for gypsum wallboard and plaster
  • High stucco quality with low water demand

SmartGyp Homogenizer

The Claudius Peters Homogenizer is offered as a standard configuration under ambient pressure, or as an extended version where the homogenizer runs under pressurized conditions

  • Suitable for virtually any calcining system
  • Homogenizing product quality
  • Stabilizes the product
  • Optimizes board production
  • Improves water demand
  • Reduces production cost
  • Improves plaster production
  • Efficient production of high strength plaster

Flash Calciner

The Flash Calciner offers a solution when high temperature calcining is required. It allows a direct heat treatment at temperatures of more than 500oC producing a defined gypsum anhydrite, whilst an impact plate provides crushing and an integrated classifier ensures the most suitable retention time of the product within the calciner.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum as the Flash Calciner contains no moving internal parts.


Kettle Calcining

Claudius Peters kettle systems are used for the production of high quality plasters for manual processing as well as for the plasterboard industry.

The precise temperature control and the homogeneous indirect heat supply to the material to be calcined allows the gypsum obtained to show very well crystallised particles with a lower BET surface when compared to gypsum of direct calcination.


Cooling Technology

The Rotary Drum Cooler is used for the cooling of fine-grained bulk solids. After calcining, the temperature of Plaster of Paris usually runs at 150-160oC and requires cooling prior to entering the silo. For plasterboard applications the slurry temperature can be influenced directly.

The Rotary Drum Cooler functions on the counter-current indirect principle, with fans draw cooling gas through cooling tubes and no direct contact.


Suction Cooling

Suction cooling cools the product to the required temperature in co-current flow by conveying air. Ambient air is sucked in, and the material to be cooled is fed to the air flow by means of a feeder which is then separated again by a filter unit.

The unit is especially suited for low throughput quantities, however on special request large scale plants of up to 90 tph have also been realised.


Reclaim Crusher

Claudius Peters offers a range of reclaim crushers specifically designed to process waste wallboard accumulated during production. The unit is capable of delivering board size reductions of < 100mm for all types of material including sticky and wet or friable and dry boards. Heavy duty independent screw drives and a PLC based control system provide the flexibility to program a variety of screw operating sequences.

The Reclaim Crusher has a receiving hopper capable of handling complete sheets wall board up to 4m in length.

As Australian agents for Claudius Peters, Brolton Group offer a comprehensive range of Gypsum handling and processing technologies, and can custom design turnkey systems to your specific needs.