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Improve safety without impacting productivity with BLAXTAIRŽ: video detection of pedestrians on work sites and industrial sites

Industrial accidents caused by collisions between moving machinery and pedestrians arise a serious safety problem. Worksite safety requires efficient detection of obstacles with the ability to recognise and alert pedestrians at risk.

ARCURE offers BLAXTAIRŽ, the only ready-to-use obstacle-detection system which allows reliable real-time recognition of pedestrians for mobile industrial machinery, with the versatility to secure the surroundings of dangerous stationary machines.

Driving heavy machinery is often complex; BLAXTAIRŽ takes care of pedestrians so the driver can concentrate on his job in a productive way.

BLAXTAIRŽ adapts to all types of machines (Trucks, Compactors, Graders, Loaders, Mechanical Diggers, Lift Trucks, etc.) and can be set easily. BLAXTAIRŽ detects pedestrians within a range of 0 to 6 meters around the machines depending on the settings. It alerts the driver and pedestrian of any risk of collision. Effective day and night, it is built to withstand harsh conditions (construction sites, mines, etc.).

Uses: building sites, road construction, logistics, public transport, mining sites and forestry sites. BLAXTAIRŽ is the solution to your pedestrian recognition problems.


BLAXTAIRŽ quarrying
BLAXTAIRŽpublic works


BLAXTAIRŽ adapts to the specificities of the construction site, mining site or forestry site to be used for

  • heavy machinery, powerful or fast machines including graders, compactors, loaders, mechanical diggers or dump-trucks
  • noisy or dusty environments
  • uneven ground
  • underground/ tunneling
  • mining and quarrying
  • risky safety conditions in difficult-to-control areas

Field of view

The BLAXTAIRŽ pedestrian awareness zone is adjustable to 6-7m, and collision awareness zone adjustable to 5m.

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